About Me

        I graduated from San Diego State with a degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Printmaking. Near the time of graduation I had the opportunity to co-lead a group to bicycle across the from Oregon to Virginia (4,450 miles). I include this not because of the physical aspect but for the reason that there are times we have the chance to do something fantastic for ourselves and we need to DO IT. It’s not that it changes us, but it distills who we are. We become who we always would have been, but in a shorter time.


        I draw on the character and strength I gained from that trip, often. I know it comes out in my art. Each person’s experiences influence their choices in their art.


        My expressions as a book artist are also influenced by having taught Textile Surface Design for twenty-four years for San Diego Community Colleges Continuing Education and at state and at national conferences.


I have a longtime passion for all aspects of calligraphy from historical to contemporary. Occasionally I bring this into a project’s design. Additional interests include gardening, all types of painting, origami, embroidery and beading by hand and sewing machine. Bookmaking is the means to express these topics or the techniques that they present.


        The classes I teach for bookmaking are usually one-hour library programs where participants will learn new skills, terms and useful tools while making an interesting book. The time goes quickly but the knowledge is life-long when the participant is able to make the book again and maybe with a variation, in their own special way.


        Stay posted, in time I may be adding more topics for classes: ribbon work, embroidery, holiday ornaments, card making ...


Putting art into craft,



Author of: "Soft Gardens"

                 "Beading By Machine"

                 "Fabric Boxes and Bowls"

        All through elementary grades, I lived for the one-hour art class on Fridays and more during summer, through high school. Those times of art mediation saved my soul and got me through the all academic left brain challenges. When I was very young I made lots of tiny books using comics as the art on each page, not knowing that many years later I would be giving a presentation at an international conclave for the Miniature Book Society.


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