Instead of silence, turn on a little music to play in the background. Make time to walk through a park, a grove of trees, along a beach or stream ... in the morning or at dusk to enjoy the change of the light of the day and the animals’ behavior at that time. You owe it to yourself today and every day.

        Learn something new. Allow yourself the time, the space, the permission to explore, to experiment, to play with color, with words, with music, with math. Make discoveries, make mistakes and know which ones to keep.

        Take a class. It’s more fun with a group and where everything already planned and materials are ready. In my classes, I’ll keep you on track. All skill levels are welcome and all supplies and tools are provided. Classes at the libraries are FREE.

        Come along to learn new skills and pour yourself into a project. You just might leave with a new found confidence and a finished piece that you will be pleased with. You will start to see why I say, “Art is Life is Art.”

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